Aside from producing awesome media for clients, I also enjoy photography, editing videos, and of course--studying movies! I also love brainstorming new stories for film. Practicing the building of mock pitch decks has significantly helped me in broadening my knowledge of the animation/film industry as well as better understanding the responsibilities of the creative producer. 


I am incredibly passionate about telling stories that are deeply relevant to today's world and society. I think sci-fi stories and the dark and gritty do a great job at these! Genre aside, there are still so many stories that have yet to be told in this manner--particularly in U.S. animated features. I aspire to someday create films like such, inviting the audience to be curious and ponder positive change.

There is also a great shift happening in the industry today. More and more studios are becoming aware and making an effort to being more gender-inclusive as well as allowing room for more representation in both their films and the workplace. Consider some of their recent releases such as Sony Animation's Hair Love (2019), or their refreshingly creative portrayal of Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse (2018). Blue Sky's wonderfully animated Spies in Disguise (2019) and Disney's upcoming movies of Soul and Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). Netflix's venture into traditional animation, Klaus (2019)! We are making gains, and I am so excited to be joining this industry. 

Below reflect a collection of my most recent projects; check them out! 


A Child's Flame.JPG

Original idea: Film created to increase awareness about mental health. 


Pitching the film Arrival (2016), requesting a budget of $3M

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