Stuff In The Walls 
Director: Jack Perez
Release Date: TBD 2021
Production Phase: Pre-Production
Role: VFX Producer/ Bid+Vet
Inspired by past movies such as "The Thing" and "The Abyss," Stuff In The Walls depicts an escaped slime monster as a result of a secret lab experiment. 
Director: Iva Radivojevic
Release Date: TBD 2020
Role: VFX Producer
Aleph is a mysterious point (an opening) suspended in space and time that contains the entire universe. It's hidden in a splintered labyrinth where ten characters play a game of magic. Their collected thoughts serve as pieces of a puzzle that connect the maze and lead to Aleph. 
Mass Teleportation Authority 
Director: Geoffrey Smeltzer
Release Date: TBD 2020
Role: VFX Producer 
Dr. Monica Randall, despite objections from her professional peers, continues to experiment with teleportation. One of her test trials eventually go sideways and Randall faces a difficult choice.
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So Late So Soon
Director: Daniel Hymanson
Release Date: TBD 2020
Role: VFX Producer
Chicago artists Jackie and Don Seiden are a half-century into their marriage, time spent creating distinct yet congruous bodies of work. Jackie makes art of everything around her. Central to her practice is a recognition of the fragility of materials. That conceptual interest has turned into daily reality, as both her body and one of her most ambitious art projects, her canary-yellow Victorian house, start to fall apart...

Film Reviews

All the Old Bells
Director: Brent Green
(Multiple Sundance Contender)
Release Date: TBD 2020
Role: VFX Producer
​A tender folk song becomes a murder ballad when a young mother's life unravels under her own roof in the course of a single evening.


  • "Best Global Short"--2019 SCAD Savannah Film Festival

  • "Best LGBTQ Short"--2019 Independent Short Platinum Awards

  • "Best Student Short"--2019 Independent Short Gold Awards 

Jack and Anna 
Director: Ksenia Ivanova
Released: Spring 2019 
Role: VFX Production Assistant​​
A young couple, Jack and Anna, lives a happy life on their farm when suddenly a man from the past reveals Jack's biggest secret... that he is, in fact, a woman named Helen Hilsher. After this revelation, Helen is put on trial for cross-dressing and same-sex marriage. Based on a true story.