Hi! My name is Jenny Lee and I am a producer for Animation and Visual Effects Feature Films. One of the reasons why I decided to pursue a career in entertainment is because I truly believe in and enjoy the power of well-told stories.

I strongly believe this industry can only get larger in future years. This field relies heavily on technology. We can already see great things produced by the industry today. You can create whole new worlds, fantastical stories, and compelling characters; creating something out of nothing. You can create something so unique and even magical. I wish to contribute my part to that work and help build a project that could entice many audiences. 

While at the Academy of Art University, I've had the pleasure of working at StudioX, a program with the school designed to function like a real, fast-paced studio by working on actual films from independent producers and graduate students. I initially worked at StudioX as a Production Assistant. In that role, I provided support to the producer and performed administrative tasks such as note-taking, database entry, calendar maintenance, and research, thus successfully contributing to the wins of over 3 awards to a student film (Jack and Anna). Within four months, I was promoted to Producer on three projects, where I managed a team of over 50 artists. Throughout my time at StudioX, I've also gained experience in: 

  • Creating pitch and show bibles, vetting + bidding potential projects, creating budget plans, end credits, and efficiently scheduling production workflows.

  • Reporting to supervisors and clients their weekly status updates. 

  • Industry-standard programs such as Shotgun, Zoom, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and MS/Google Suite.

  • Delivering finalized shots and other deliverables to clients through the use of cloud servers. 

Working in an environment that mimics the real world has taught me how to work with a variety of personalities and develop strong attention to detail, but most importantly, it's immensely grown my passion for film production! 


E-Mail: jennyshlee12@gmail.com

Phone: (213) 454-1245 

Available to work full-time